KUMOUS-seminar on Sustainable Development in Organizations in the Digital Era –Value-creation networks and evaluation practices in multi-agent service innovation

September 23, 2016, Helsinki in Aalto EE, Mechelininkatu 3 C, Väisänen-sali

The first international research seminar of the KUMOUS Project brought two international experts, Mattias Elg and Ulf Melin from Linköping University, to discuss joint interests and future collaboration with KUMOUS partner organizations and other invited researchers and professionals. Professor Mattias Elg, Centre Director of HELIX VINN Excellence Centre, is a scientific advisor of KUMOUS-project. His colleague Associate Professor Ulf Melin is expert in information systems.

Keynote lectures

Mattias Elg: Sustainability development in organizations, mattias-elg_sustainable-development-in-organisations

Ulf Melin: Contextual perspectives on information systems implementation and use – theoretical and practical illustrations, ulf-melin_contextual-perspectives-on-is-implementation-and-use

Marja Toivonen, VTT and Kirsi Hyytinen, VTT: Evaluation of service innovation: towards a future- oriented, systemic and multi-actor approach, kirsi-hyytinen_marja-toivonen_evaluation-of-service-innovation